Word of the Year || Intentional


I had a student ask me this past week if I made any New Year’s resolutions, I don’t make one specific resolution but instead I make a big goals list (which is always very flexible) and I pick a word of the year. Are goals and resultions the same? I like to think I set my goals to be a bit more specific than a general resolution, so I’d claim they are. I like to check off lists, so a goals list is great for me. I also never stick with a resolution. Resolutions feel so definite, “I resolve myself to do _________.” When I fail, because I am human and I will, I feel like I broke my resolution. I can however fail along the way to my goal and keep working toward it. I know this is all in my head, buts its what works for me. I also love choosing a word to mediate on and guide me through the year.

Last year started off with a large amount of uncertainty in life. I was fresh into my maternity leave with Theo, I was struggling to pump enough milk for him (which lead to me to a very dark place emotionally) and I had no clue what my future was work wise. The word I chose was peace, in all aspects in my life I hoped I could find it. Throughout the year I often told myself “it is what it is”. It quickly became my mantra of peace, and when things were crappy its what I told myself. 2018 shaped up to be a pretty amazing year in my personal life.

So 2019, I’m excited about the upcoming year. I’d say we have some big things planned personally, around the house, and work-wise. So I needed a word to keep me fired up, and living life with more gusto perhaps than usual. So I contemplated just calling it the year of “getting sh*t done”, but I resisted. Instead I have landed on intentional. Time is precious, and I feel that now more than ever. So I want to ensure I am being intentional with every moment I have been given. Ensuring I am intentionally engaging with Theo, spending my time working wisely and even taking an intentional nap when I need to.

. . . . . . . . .

So tell me friend do you chose a word of the year? If so comment below or link to your post so I can join in your conversation. I’d love to hear if you make resolutions or set goals as well! We’re finalizing our goals in the next week to share!