How we save major cash on big purchases!

Happy Saturday Friends! While saving money isn’t my normal topic, it’s January and we’ve got some big goals set for the year. So like many others I’m feeling the motivation of a new year. I’m sharing a few of my top strategies we use for both our frequent spending and bigger purchases. These are tips I use nearly every purchase I make!

  1. Buy coupons on Ebay - Yes, sometimes you gotta spend money to save money! I heard this tip from Chris Loves Julia on their podcast awhile back, but I hadn’t used it until last week. Paul and I were in the market for a table saw, it is his combined Christmas and birthday gift. Paul has spent months looking at his options before he settled on this $600 from delta. He checked for coupons and didn’t find any, when it hit me, BUY ONE. So for $1.89 on Ebay I received two 10% your total order coupons. We ended up saving $60. When buying a coupon make sure you pick a seller that emails you the code if you are in a rush or hate waiting like me. I had my coupon in 2 minutes in the inbox.

  2. Ebates - I know I have talked about this one before, but I like it a lot. You add the extension to your browser and it alerts you when a site you are shopping at has cash back, you start a shopping session using Ebates and they send you a check in the mail quarterly.

    *** If you want to join here is my referral link. I get money for you signing up, and you get money too. We both win!

  3. Camel Camel Camel - I heard about this one from my friends Angie and Bret @ Money in the Bank. It is a pretty awesome site that will track the price of an item for you. It will show the lowest price offered and you can set it to track and item, and when it reached your desired price it will send you an alert. I’m currently tracking a few cameras right now to replace mine which is partially broken. I’m still squirreling away my money so I’m in no rush for this purchase.

  4. Honey - Now if you ever watch Youtube I am sure you have seen ads for Honey. Basically the services finds all the available coupon codes for a given website and then plugs them looking for the best deal. It’s simple and works for general coupon codes. I tried Honey when we were buying our table saw, and no codes were found. It tends to be my first step, but I don’t stop there if nothing comes up.

. . . . . . .

I hope you try some of these sites and find them useful. What are your top go to sites and tips to save extra cash on purchases? Share your below!

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