Theo || 11 Months

I am late to posting this like always… month 11 is a total blur in my mind. Theo celebrated his last “first” holiday at 11 months, Halloween! Theo loves crawling up the stairs, and he’s doing a decent job at coming back down safely. He’s pulling himself up on everything, and cruising like a pro, but has shown no inclination to take any steps on his own. He discovered the light switch next to his crib, and he is a pro at flipping the light on and off. We really need to move his crib… he will wake up at 5 am and start flipping the light switch. He’s pretty good about turning it off before he passes back out. Theo has also perfected the art of emptying baskets and cabinets, the number of times I’ve refolded the same item of clothing is getting pretty high. He’s also started throwing food on the floor when he has had enough of that particular food, so super fun…

baby (1 of 1)-2-Recovered-Recovered.jpg

Theo was not into getting his photos taken this month, and getting anything that wasn’t a complete blur was a challenge.