They said what?!

The things my kids say at school ranks pretty high on my list of favorite things. Last year I had some pure characters that inspired this whole series. My kids are starting to really show their personalities this year, and I think there are some crazy things coming from them.


Last week my kids were looking at nutrition labels and correlating what they eat to the macromolecules we were studying. One girl raises her hand to ask “Why does it say OMG for the amount of protein?” Confused I go over and see it really says 0 mg… zero milligrams. She laughed it off well.

This week in class one kid was quietly singing the baby shark song while working on his assignment. He asks to go to the rest room, and I obliged. He comes back, full out singing baby shark which prompts 10 other kids to join in and several get up to dance as well, so we ended class with a baby shark concert…

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