They said what?! || 2

I swear it is always at the end of the week that my kids say some of the funniest things.  Maybe we are all starting to lose our minds?  I have a particularly awesome 4th period class, and I can always count of them for a good laugh. 

This week we were looking at populations and characteristics we can use to describe a population.  We tied in some information about the human population because it is a bit more interesting than animals, and really grabbed their attention. 

So one girl asks, "You know how there is the baby boomer generation?  What are we?"

Her peer responds "Ain't we generation Y?"

"Maybe we be

Generation Y can't you keep your legs shut"

I looked at my co-teacher and we about died laughing, it is just so true.  The number of girls pregnant right now is off the charts.  I have 3 current students who are pregnant, another 4 former students pregnant.  I know some of my currents already have kids, and several of the boys are Dads.  Between last year kids that are pregnant or have a kid total at least 20 - it is hard to know all of the boys because they don't often talk about it.  So yea, maybe I agree with the whole Generation Y can't you keep your legs shut?!

A conversation I try not to hear is when kids are talking about their parole officers coming to take their drug tests at school.  Some of these kids are very open about buying clean pee and they have learned how to sneak it.  Anyway, I catch the tail end of a conversation talking about sucking on pennies... the kid looks at me and says

"I test negative for everything, I swear - except for life.  I'm high on that"

and creepily smiles.  Again, I barely keep myself together.  I'm glad he is clean, and also oh so cheesy.  

And now after not wearing compression socks today and feeling all the rage of being almost 33 weeks pregnant and teaching all week - Leslie Knope knows how I feel.