Theo's Nursery

There is no room in our house that I love more than Theo's nursery.  When we bought our home I knew right away that it would be the perfect room for our first baby.  I even painted it Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore thinking it would work well for a baby one day.  Leading up to Theo being born, Paul was spending most of his time working on our new room and taking care of his parent's house that getting a room ready for Theo wasn't high on the list.  We had his crib in our room for 4 months, which I would't change.  Theo's room was filled with junk for way too long after he was born... so when he was a few months old I finally got myself together, cleaned out his room, called my mom to watch Theo, and painted my little boy's room.  I was going to keep it the previous color, but I didn't love it like I used to and wanted something different so I painted it Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore.  His room has a vintage transportation theme if you really look closely, but I didn't want it to scream "Look at all these trucks and ships!" and have people buying us themed items.  

A little before and after for this room is below!  The view when we bought our house versus now as Theo's room!  I just feel so at peace in his room, and I hope he feels it too. 

I'd still love to change out his light, maybe do something on the wall behind his crib and eventually refinish the floors in his room.  I still love his room as is, it is just in my nature to always find something else I could do.