Theo 9 Months

Whoa, I’m slightly behind. Theo turned 9 months on August 11th, the day I went back to work. With school starting I got so behind on getting all his photos done, let alone editing and posting. The photo shoot this month didn’t go so well... Theo is on the move and getting a good shot while taking photos alone is not possible, so I bribed him with food. Theo went from rocking on all fours to crawling all this month, and he has not slowed down since. With crawling comes chasing his best friend the cat around.

Paul and I took him to the zoo in early August, and this kid LOVED the kangaroos. He kept laughing at them, and it was too sweet. Least favorite animal was by far the cow, he cried just looking at the cow. He, now months later, still hates cows… Another favorite thing this month is counting to three, but is must be done in a reallllly dramatic way with much anticipation of “threeeee!”. Kid will laugh forever over this.

baby (1 of 1)-2-Recovered.jpg