They said what?! || 3

It is hard to believe I am in the middle of only having 4 weeks of teaching left before maternity leave starts, and I am ready.  I have hit that spot in pregnancy when sleep is elusive - partially because I pee all the time, and the heartburn has started to rear it's ugly head.  I quite literally cried this past Monday when I had to leave.  Cried real tears, and told Paul I don't know if I can make it.  But then my kids say funny (to me) things and I know I'll not only make it, but I'll miss them. 

First up I was telling my kids about ligers, because cats are awesome, and we were defining what a species is.  I brought up a few photos, and the on liger looked like she had spots on her.

One of my kids asks "why does the liger have spots if it is a a lion and tiger mix?"  

Another kid responds "Because she was cheating with a cheetah!"  

Not quite how that works, but quick and often witty thinkers they are.

We later in the week were looking at a photo of an ecosystem and they had to pick out as many abiotic and biotic factors that they could going back and forth between teams.  One of snakes in the image was a scarlet king snake, a classic example of a mimicry.  I always teach the phrase "red next to black safe for jack, red next to yellow kills a fellow" 

I was going to give massive bonus to the group that could finish my statement

"Red next to black..."

The response I got was "racist!"

Puzzled I looked back at her, and realized she heard "redneck's black"

Next up two quotes from one of my favorite girls.  First up in the middle of class, taking notes she has this epiphany. 

"Oh my god, I just realized Pumba is not a puma!" 

How much of her life did she spend thinking Pumba was a puma, and the whole "When I was a young warthog!!!!! part of Hakuna Matata.  

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And mere minutes later after picking out her invasive species she comes up to me and asks if I can google her species so she knows what she picked.  

I said "Sure what did you sign up for?"

"The zebbbra moosell"

  My co-teacher and I can't help it, we bust out laughing "Any chance you mean the zebra mussel?"

In other news,  things that had to be said to high school kids this week are "Don't throw the scissors"  and  "Did you just put the dried beans in your mouth?!  You know that every class has used those for the lab today and you just ate them!"  

And for my education this week, I learned that rap snacks are a thing. Chip flavors with rappers on them.  

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