New Garden Boxes

One of the projects on our 2019 goals list was moving our garden to a new area of the yard, and I’m happy to say it is DONE. When we first bought our house there was a tree in the back left corner, but after a few years and some damage done we decided to have it taken out.


Where the original garden boxes sit to the right, would actually be the perfect place for a play set for Theo, so we decided to move the garden boxes to the corner where the tree was. Sounds simple…. but Paul had to spend so much time grinding the stump and hauling away dirt.

We decided to put in 6 new boxes, which would allow for more crop rotation and space between plants. You can find our original tutorial on how be built our boxes here. We didn’t want the new ones surrounded by grass, I’ve found I really detest that. So, Paul put down paver base, edged the new area with pavers, set that with polymeric sand, built and placed the garden boxes, and filled around it with pea gravel. We are stilling waiting to fill the boxes with dirt, that way we can use dirt from the original boxes to save on some $$$. This project may have taken wayyyyy longer than we anticipated, but I am so excited to plant in the new area next year!


Next year we need to tame the jungle trying to grow behind the fence, and work on taming and edging the rest of our flower beds around the house. This summer was difficult and outside chores really got away from me. But maybe the most important thing is to build Theo a place to play! We’ll be getting the boxes filled with dirt in the next few weekends and then we can officially scratch these off our list.

raised beds.jpg

If you are planning on building raised beds I encourage you to build them this fall, that way as soon as it is planting time in the spring for your zone you can just get to the happy stuff! So with all of this extra room to grow flowers and veggies next year, what do YOU think I should be planting?