2019 Goals

Most years Paul and I have a conversation about what we want to get done during the next 12 months. Over the course of the year the list always changes - we feel like doing different projects, something else comes up that is more important or we don’t have the time or funds. This list was still being negotiated a week ago. I’m on a “get all the things done” kick, and Paul is being rational with our limits. Hey, I like to go big. So the biggest category is always home projects, I also like to include a few more personal goals as well.


  • Finish living room built ins (1st photo) - we started these before Christmas but then slacked off. Our goal finish date is the weekend of Feb 16th/17th. We are in the homestretch. so close to being done!

  • Baby gate - ASAP - so our stairs don’t work with conventional baby gates, but we came up with a solution and it is time we get a gate up to keep Theo safe, and I can go the bathroom without bringing him with me.

  • Kitchen (2nd photo)- the first thing we are doing is painting, the rest really can wait. I’d love to see the whole thing done by the end of the year, but if we don’t have the money I’m not worried. It’s really all cosmetic. If we were going to be in this house another 15 years I’d totally do a more intensive face-lift, but we’re not.

    • Paint trim, crown, ceiling, walls - hopefully finish by the end of April?

    • New cabinet hardware

    • Restore floors - by end of summer?

    • New faucet

    • Better storage and organization for cabinets and counter

  • Refinish upstairs bedroom hardwoods - Summer - I want this done before we have another baby, and the summer is just the easier time to do it. The rug in Theo’s room won’t lay flat, and I know the carpet under it is all wrinkled. The current sewing room will be our next baby’s room and the carpet has some weird stains. I’d love to see all wood in those rooms with a rug down for warmth. I know I’m crazy, but I think the hardest part will be cleaning out and moving everything from the rooms while we sand and seal.

  • Move & new garden boxes - before May / June - we are moving our garden boxes around a bit in backyard in preparation for a swing set maybe summer of 2020. We are also adding more boxes which will be great for me to have more ability to rotate crops and add cutting flowers. We are also going to put pea gravel in around where the new boxes will be going.

  • Playroom (3rd photo) - I’ll spare you a current photo of this room, it was our old room downstairs that is now going to be the playroom / office. I’d like to get a couch for this room and decorate it all this year as well, but again $$$. We have already ripped out the carpet in here, we just have subfloor right now. We’ve been looking at floors and I am pretty excited about having so much more usable safe space on the main floor for Theo to play

    • New floors

    • drywall work

    • paint walls, ceiling, crown, trim

    • maybe a couch and decorate

Phew that feels like quite a list - and to think I still have a few more projects that didn’t make the cut for this year. Like starting the upstairs bathroom and building the living room fireplace. The bathroom will be FIRST UP in 2020. If I write it down it has to happen, right? Like may other things, I want that done before our next baby. No I’m not pregnant, just planning out what needs to get done.

Other Megan Projects

These are just thing that Paul doesn’t need to help me with to get done.

  • Finish headboard - the buttons for the tufting are going to be the death of me

  • Painting dining room table & chairs - I painted the table and redid it 2 years ago, but it isn’t quite what I wanted. I’m more certain of what I want this time, so I’m going to redo the table again.

  • I’d love to finish our bedroom, not sure what all that entails but I just want art hung, new night stands, a cozy bed. The works. This room just got neglected after Theo was born. We had the carpet installed and the closet built and then just left it.

Personal Goals

  • loose 30+ pounds - I’d like to shed some weight before I get pregnant again. I don’t feel bad now, but I certainly don’t look how I’d like to. Paul and I did a round of whole30 in October, I lost 13 pounds but I put 2 on somewhere in the holidays. I’ve been following a pretty low carb diet since the 2nd week of January, think Keto but not as high in fat, and in the 3 weeks I have been doing it I have lost 8 pounds. With spring coming eventually I’m excited to add daily walks to the park back into my routine with Theo.

  • Blog more regularly! I generally go through spurts of being good and posting, then getting busy and slacking, and then posting again. I’m setting a 4 posts a month goal, very do-able but not over the top.

. . . . .

I’ll do a check in in June or July to see how we are doing on our goals. So tell me, did you set any goals this year?