#Januaryblock quilt

Oh this quilt… I have a massive love hate relationship with it. I love the design, it is pretty damn awesome… but piecing it was a slow process. It isn’t very often that I actually make a practice block for a quilt… but I did with this one. The block pattern can be purchased here, and you may recognize the pattern from my post on 8 quilts I’m dying to sew, it was #1 on my list.


This particular quilt was gifted to a good friends for their little girl due soon! I’ve been sewing more and more quilts for a specific recipient lately and it has been a welcomed change from sewing everything for the shop. What I am sewing feels more intentional this way. I’m not just creating for the sake of making more goods, and I can savor the process more. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing for the etsy shop, I just really love custom orders! That’s not to say I won’t keep sewing for the hell of it with no recipient in mind, because I will.

Megan Grabner