cake, cake baby.

Whooo! I am sitting here with a day off school tomorrow due to the super cold weather hitting Indiana this week. What a better time to share with you a sugar desserts that will make you want to grab a cup of coffee and eat a slice! First up is a birthday cake I made last weekend. I’ve made cakes for little Lucy for her 1st, 2nd, and now 4th birthday. I didn’t do her 3rd because Theo was so little and I knew I didn’t feel like baking a cake. Her mom sent me a few inspiration photos for colors and design and here is the result!


The birthday girl liked strawberry shakes so I made her a strawberry cake with a vanilla frosting. I tasted a scrap, and it was exactly what I imagine a 4 year old would want. I loved the watercolor technique. It was so easy, and I looking forward to making another one soon.

The next cakes I made back in September for some friends’ wedding. It was A LOT of work. I was just getting into balancing being back to work and parenting, I can say not much sleep was had the night before these cakes were due. The couple choose vanilla, chocolate, orange and snicker-doodle cake for their wedding. The orange was a new flavor for me to make, and the groom was hesitant about the option. I however always push for a lighter flavor, they didn’t want lemon and I had really wanting to bake orange. It was a hit in the end, and I’m thinking the next cake I back for Paul and may have to be orange.


I’m currently eating a super low carb diet in an attempt to shed some extra weight before we have our next baby, so all of these sweets look so damn good. Have you baked anything good lately? I’ve been testing out some keto desserts, but they are all falling short.