Christmas Home Tour // 2018

I LOVE decorating for Christmas. The warm glow of the lights, snuggling under warm blankets and all the candles being lit makes me warm and fuzzy. I love Christmas home tours maybe more than the next person, however this is the year of the mobile baby, which means everything needed to change. All the things I see others doing just wasn’t going to work for us this year. I was forced into switching things, which wasn’t a bad thing. First new decoration this year is the garland around the doorway between the living room and dining room.


I put up the 4ft tree in the dining room again, and I love it there. It sits plenty out of Theo’s reach. Next year however I think it may have a new home in Theo’s room with plenty of plush ornaments. I pulled out black ornaments I’ve had for the last 6 years… we used them on Paul’s tree when he lived with a friend, but I realized I hadn’t used them since. They were at that point that if I didn’t use them, it was time to get rid of them. I’m still holding onto some colored lights that I’m sure Theo will love next year…


The kitchen has garland above the cabinets this year, which is a first. It adds so much festiveness, but I have not had a clean enough kitchen to photograph in quite some time. So just image garland above cabinets.

I loved draping garland over the TV dresser in the past… however that would have lasted .5 seconds this year, so the TV area looks pretty bland. My hope is by next year we have a finished built in electric fire place so I have a place to hang stockings, oh and I need to finish the stockings.


What area is the most safe from babies? The walls! I didn’t have any Christmas wall decor, so I I made a sign to add to our entry way.

And finally our main tree this year. I’ve been obsessed with flocked trees for years. My parents gave me their old tree they hate last year, so it was as good as time as any to try to DIY flocking and get my dream tree. If I failed no biggie, I was just out the cost of the flocking powder and some time. Oh and the number of jokes centered around my extreme flocking love at work were never ending. It turned out fantastic and I could not be happier with it, and the length of time before I want a nicer tree has been extended. I was still using a tree from college, so one day I think I deserve a grown up tree. Don’t mind the in progress built-ins behind our tree. I’m very excited about that project.


I made a silhouette ornament of Theo this year, and I could not love it more. Capturing his sweet little face on a ornament was just the best.

I still haven’t gotten over when emerald was the pantone color of the year in 2013, so I picked up these emerald pillows. I think they may end up in our room after Christmas.

And finally, a photo of our tree at night.