Theo || 7 Months

As every month creeps by, we fall in love with Theo even more.  This month has felt more momentous than others, he's met some very exciting milestones and was a very busy boy!  He met my dad's side of the family this month, and was just the sweetest boy around them.  He also took his first trip to the lake (where he promptly fell asleep on the boat), attended his first wedding where he danced the night away, and  attended an ordination to the priesthood where he screamed so we were outside the whole time.  Somehow we got to 7 months before he had a car seat blowout that required the whole thing to be taken apart and washed, and of course Paul wasn't home, and I was covered in poop.  This month we dropped the Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit, while teething which was terrible.  I was a walking zombie, this for us was worse than when he was a newborn.  We also did some gentle sleep training, and now he falls asleep on his own for naps.  I just put him in a sleep sack, turn on the white noise and leave and he goes to bed on his own.  It is amazing.  Now for the adorable photos.