Theo || 8 Months

Our sweet chunck-a-dunk is 8 months old.  2/3 of the way through his first year of life.  I may have cried looking at newborn videos with Paul.  Shockingly Theo's not crawling yet, he's a very roly poly boy who gets where he wants to go and gets angry when he can't get there.  He went swimming for the first time, and quite painlessly cut his 2nd tooth.  He's been growing quite clingy to me, and his stranger anxiety is starting to kick in.  He certainly loves to eat, and eat, and eat.  I don't think I have offered him something he hasn't eaten so far.  Sweet potatoes and any fruit still rank high on his favorites list.  He has developed this weird pterodactyl like laugh that is super weird and adorable. Overall I can't get over how amazing he is.