Theo || 6 Months

1/2 year has flown by, and sweet baby Theo isn't such a little baby anymore.  I'm a basket full of emotions, I can't wait to see who he becomes but also where is my 5 pound baby.  Please give him back.  He turned 6 months on May 11th. 

Theo started on purees this month, and he is a food lover.  I like to call him my baby bird because he just opens his mouth wide and waits for the spoon.  He loves sweet potato, it is without a doubt his favorite food.  But with solids come more poop, oh yay.

He's a mover, never sitting still. He gets frustrated sometimes because he wants to get somewhere and just can't get there, yet.  I'm thinking he will be crawling soon.  He's pushing up onto his hands, and trying to move his legs so I think he'll be mobile too soon.

We are solidly in the phase of life where I get nothing done.  Days go by where I don't open my computer, weeds are growing up quite tall and I have quite the pile of bibs to finish for the etsy shop.  However, my heart is full and so is the camera on my phone. 

He took his first short road trip up to Michigan to see our friends Angie, Bret, and pup Stormy.  He did pretty well, sleeping all the way up, but was a little fussy coming home.  I'm sure I am forgetting something of note, but oh well.  Now for the abundance of adorable photos.