Why I Blog

This isn't my first rodeo blog.  I originally started blogging under the same name as my etsy shop, stitches and folly.  So many people start blogs for one reason or another, and most people abandon their blogs at some point.  No shame in either, but there is always a reason.  I was going through some frustrations awhile back and starting questioning everything.  Every little thing I could.  So naturally I questioned why I blog.  I'm not a great writer, I know I don't draw people in with my words, writing has never been my forte and blogging is so heavily dependent on writing after all, sowhy do I blog?

Let's start with a story about an old clothes iron, gripping stuff, I know. I've got this old iron, it was out at my grandpa's house forever just sitting on a shelf with my grandmother's books.  I treasure those old books as a way to get to know my grandma (she passed away long before I was born).  Whenever we would go visit my grandpa, I'd go look though the books and the iron was always just sitting there.  I'd become sort of unknowingly attached to it, and when my grandfather passed away I made sure the old iron came along with the old books I was keeping.  I had it in our apartment on a shelf and when we moved into our house it went in my sewing room, it was just a little treasure that reminded me of going to my grandpa's house.  I never knew why the iron was always there in my grandpa's house until one day my Aunt was reading one of my grandmother's diaries.  It turns out the iron was a wedding present given to my great-grandmother by her mother, my great-great-grandmother. It was then given to my grandmother, and by chance it is now mine.  It was one of those items that could have been left to be scrapped, but my thankfully my odd attachment for it kept it, because it is truly a family heirloom.  An odd one, with emotional value, but an heirloom nonetheless.

So back to why blog.  The little history behind my iron was only told because my grandmother wrote it down.  She wrote down so many little stories in her diaries, tidbits about her days.  I see blogging as the modern diary, the ability to share things about my day, changes about the house documented with pictures, just being able to get stuff of my chest (oh the posts I write and never publish), and the ability to interact with and share information with people I would otherwise never have the chance to, as well as family and friends.  I hope I live a long life, so all the stories I have to tell I can share with my children and grandchildren, but if not I will leave behind all of these pages of my words.  Words they can read to get to know me better, or learn the story of the iron, or why I have a million old books, where the old typewriter came from, or read our favorite recipes.

If you blog I'd love to hear what your driving force is, or if there is a special sentiment behind a hobby you have! Share share! Comments are my favorite thing.