He Said | She Said "Things to splurge on"

We've got a new series on the blog!  He Said She Said - basically Paul and I sound off on different topics.  Our first one is 5 things to splurge on.  I've got a few more ideas in mind already for this series, and if there is anything you'd love to hear a husband & wife sound off on let us know! I already have in my mind 5 things to NOT splurge on, they are totally going to be easier for me to write for some reason.  


1.  Power Tools 

- I have worked at a hardware store for 7 years and I have seen my fair share of angry customers complain about certain brands of tools that they have bought and that just don’t last.  I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for with tools.  Even though they don’t make them like they used to, some brands still stand out above the rest.  I have some of my grandpa’s old power tools that have to be at least 30 years old and still work like new today.  The main brand I love is Milwaukee.  I have splurged and bought an awesome 

Milwaukee drill

that I expect to last me a long while.

2.  Weber Grill 

- Given that I have worked at a hardware store in which I sold, put together, and fixed Weber grills I may be a little biased in this category.  This still does not take away from the quality of these grills.  From the frame, to the hood, to the burners everything is just a little better.  Every person that I have talked to about grills either has a Weber that has lasted them 10 or more years, or has had a different brand that they are not happy with and want to switch to Weber.

3.  Small engine equipment 

- Again working at a hardware where we service and sell this equipment I have had experiences with all brands.  You use your equipment at least half of the year, if not more depending on your climate.  These machines take a beating.  This is why I splurged on a Husqvarna lawn mower with a Honda engine and a Stihl trimmer.  Both these brands have been proven to last (just ask any Stihl owner) and have improved performance features.  Although the brand is important, maintenance is the most important thing.  I have seen people buy hundreds of dollars worth of equipment and bring them in the next year for service because they did not take care of it. 

If you don’t feel like splurging buy a cheaper brand and take care of it and it could last you just as long as a more expensive brand.

4.  Alcohol

-More specifically whiskey.  I am a whiskey drinker and I love trying new brands.  This can be an expensive hobby, having to buy a full bottle every time I want to try something new.  My favorite whiskey to splurge on is Woodford Reserve.  This is the brand that got me hooked on whiskey.  I have also splurged on some Johnny Walker double Black label during the holidays.

5.  Sport Car

-I am a very practical person when it comes to cars.  I want one that handles well, with good gas mileage and will last.  I don’t need anything fancy, just something to get me from point A to point B.  However, I wouldn’t mind having a sports car when I am older.  Now I know it will be a while before I can purchase one (if at all), but I think it would be nice to splurge on something like this in your older years.  My dream car would have to be a Chevy Corvette convertible.  I would like one of the classic cars, but the new ones are also pretty cool.


1.  A good hairdryer -

  Once you own a good one you will never want to go back.  Dying times cut down and lessen the damage done to your hair.  I have a good one at home but at the lake we have my old one which is pretty bad and it pains me to use it, I dry my roots and then give up.   


Paint & Supplies -

 I am in love the Benjamin Moore Regal line of paint, I don't think I could use a cheap paint again.  I recommend that paint to literally everyone.  Paul and I do get a discount on it, but even if we didn't I'd still spend the extra just to have it.  Same goes for supplies, a good brush can last a long time.  I have heard of people getting 8+ years of use from a Purdy brush.  I love my


.  The key to keeping a nice brush nice though is taking proper care of it.


Stand Mixer

 - There are simply things I could not bake without it, I love it.  Worth every penny.  I own a kitchen aid, but I'll admit I'm also drawn to the

Smeg mixer

.  If my kitchen aid goes out, I might be straying... but 


 have you seen a smeg?!  Drooling.


 Fabric - 

If you are sewing a quilt you really want to last, don't skimp and buy the cheap stuff.  It will fall apart and your timeless treasure won't be so timeless.  Do yourself a favor, hop on over to your local quilt shop and support them.  Hobby Lobby seems to carry better fabric than Joanns, but with either you need to check each fabric there is crap lingering everywhere. 


 Large Kitchen Appliances

 - These are things that will get used all. the. time.  Buy what you really want and love.  So far we have replaced our fridge and stove after having saved up for them.  We didn't break the bank by any means, but we did buy what I wanted and there were far cheaper options.  Plus you look at them all the time so I like them to look nice. (Oh, and since I wrote this originally we now replaced our microwave and the dishwasher started leaking the next day... it hasn't been replaced yet but that is next.  Dishwashers are expensiveeeeeee, so for now we have a cookie sheet catching the drips)

So there you have it, He Said | She Said on what we splurge on.  I'd love to hear what you think is worth the extra money!  Comment below!  And let us know if there are any other topics we should sound off on. 


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