(Virtual) Makeover Monday

My parents had the living room at the lake painted this past week, which means all the window coverings came down.  So now there are naked windows, lots of naked windows.   So before, there were roman shades hung above, but any outside mount item was going to be difficult to have with how tight the corners are.  Below is a photo of the yellow walls and blue roman shades, that is how the house came, no one here made those choices.  This is an anti-yellow family when it comes to wall colors.

And here we are after the painter came and the window treatments are down.  It already feels like a different space.  From day one I have been a fan of the more natural bamboo shades.  I think they would be the perfect window treatment, my mom however was not on board yet.  So to Photoshop we go.  

My Photoshop skills aren't perfect here, but I think you get the point.  And here is a wider image with all the windows.  The uppers won't be getting any treatment on them, just the lower ones and the door.    

I think it looks great, but it is not my money being spent.  You can buy natural shades in so many colors and patterns, with liners and without.  Paired with a curtain I think they always look lovely!  We have used them in our home as well, and we do plan to add them still in a few more rooms.  

Anyone else on board with me here?  Natural shades for the win?!