Bed of Roses

It is no secret I love flowers.  If you follow me on instagram you know a large portion of what I post are flowers.  The east side of our house is filling up with roses slowly but surely.  Last year I planted Medallion and Moonlight Magic in late October.

\\ Medallion \\

\\ Moonlight Magic \\

This spring I transplanted a few roses from my parents' house.  One is a mystery color because it hasn't bloomed in years, a yellow and dusty pink color lived, and sadly my giant red rose bush didn't make it.  So sad, it was a beauty.  So, I was on the hunt for at least one rose to replace the red one and possibly add a few more.  I ended up choosing Pascali, a stunning  creamy white rose.  I think she's a beauty, and judging by the photos here I apparently really like peach and purple flowers.  

\\ Pascali \\

Are you a fan of roses, or do you have a different favorite flower?


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