Makeover Monday | Desk Round 2

Two Makeover Mondays ago I shared the redo of this desk, but I have another twist on how to change a desk like this.  The twist does not involve keeping it as a desk, but cutting it down to a set of drawers.  I originally saw the idea over on Sugar Bee Crafts, and had a desk that I wasn't really needing so we gave it a go.  We did this pre-blogging days so I don't have official before photos but my drawers were identical to the desk below.  I added thin molding on the drawers to frame them out, and then painted the units and added new knobs.  

When I finally got the project finished I took them to the lake, they are skinny enough to work well in our room.  Cali however was not pleased I took away her hangout spot.  The only progress photos I have all have a cat in them.  I'll refrain from posting the ones where she is sticking her bum out, you're welcome.  

You can get a good idea of how I added wood trim to the front of the drawers.  

So what do you think, would you cut down a desk?  

Also, I have to end this post here because my clock says 11:58 and if this is going to count as a Monday Makeover I need to hit publish...




 While cleaning up some files on my computer I found an additional image from this very scattered project!  I didn't want to rewrite the post, but I wanted to include this photo.