Drainage Issues

I am very picky about the pots I use in the house.  I like them to be white, but once in a blue moon I'll pick a cream colored pot up.  White pots have been hard for me to come by lately, but I found the pot of my dreams, only problem? A drainage hole in the bottom and no catcher in sight.  I walked all around Lowe's looking for a suitable bottom, but I didn't like a single one.  I could have used one of those generic plastic water catchers on bottom, but my pot is sort of odd sized and I am putting it on my coffee table so I wanted it to look nice and they were out of the plastic catchers in the size I needed so even if I could get past the looks I could't find one.  I decided the best way to approach the situation was to buy the pot anyway and find a solution later.  Good plan right?

Ok, so here is my pot, it looks like a sea urchin shell right?  I had been eyeing it at Lowe's for the past few months and finally decided I needed it in my life.  So my first though was to calk the bottom closed, then my mom suggested hot glue since it dries faster.

So supplies are simple.  Your pot with an unwanted hole, a plastic lid (mine is a cheese lid), and a glue gun.  

It is a two handed project.  After your glue gun is warmed up, with one hand hole the plastic lid up to your hole, and fill in the hole with the glue.  I could not find my low temp glue gun, but I would recommend it if you have one.  I didn't have issues with the lid melting at all, but I'd feel bad if someone melted their lid and it fell onto their hand, so be safe, Ok?

Once the glue is starting to dry, I put the pot down with the lid still attached and filled in more around the bottom really sealing the hole up.

Once the glue was dry, I flipped the pot and removed the lid, and added more hot glue really sealing up the hole.  When the glue dried, I tested my seal by putting some water in the pot, when I knew it was good I filled the bottom of the pot with some rocks to make sure the plant won't have wet feet and then I added dirt and planted like usual.

Easy peasy right?  I bought a marble queen pothos to go into the pot and I'm loving it.  It is the perfect plant to go on our coffee table which doesn't receive direct light.