Lake Room

For the past few weekends we have been working on painting our room at my parents lake house.  Same deal as we do here, we painted the ceiling, trim (primer + 1-3 coats of paint), and finally the walls.  Does anyone else go through the 5 stages of picking and painting a wall color?

1.  Yay we are paining!  Oh my lord the options, what to choose?  Seriously what do I choose.  I'll just consult pinterest.

2.  I'll be bold this time and choose a color and not a safe neutral.  I've got my color picked, so let's go buy it before I change my mind.

3.  As the paint is being mixed at the store, my heart is racing, palms sweaty.  They open the can and reveal the color... Ok, I think I like it.

4.  As I'm cutting in,  I think I made a mistake.  Ok, I made a mistake this is going to be awful.  Is it too late to change my mind?  It is just paint, relax.  Paul won't be that mad if I repaint, right?!

5.  A few days after painting,  I LOVE IT.  I can't stop looking at it and proclaiming my undying love for the color.

This no joke happens every single time.  Painting is a roller coaster of emotions for me.  Also, I am a liar.  I told Paul he could pick the color.  We agreed on a color and then I changed my mind and took away his pick and chose a new color.  I stand by my paint choice, I love it.  We used Opal Essence by Benjamin Moore on the walls, it is a very refreshing color.  Also for the room I decided for a picture of the lake to serve as the color inspiration, and I'm potentially using it as some wall decor.

So with that picture in mind here is what we have done so far.  I still need to add some more true blue tones, and we need lamps, curtains, and wall decor but hey, this is a start.  It is already more done that our room at home so there is that.   

The wall color is just a very livable minty blue shade, I highly recommend it!  What do you think so far? Anything you would incorporate into a lake house bedroom?  Let me know!