Makeover Monday

Do you ever have one of those days when the craigslist gods are shining down on you?  I had one two years ago.  I had been trolling craigslist for a buffet to fix up for years that was affordable, and I found one for $100, I grabbed my Dad hopped in the truck and we went to look at it.  It had some minor veneer issues on the top and we were able to get the buffet for $80.  Best $80 I have ever spent.  I thought I lost the photos of the buffet, but when I was cleaning off some old discs I found them!  So I present to you on this makeover Monday, my buffet!

The before wasn't terrible, it was just beat up.  The wooden detail on the front was broken, and bubbling veneer on the top.  I cut out the bad veneer area, and replaced it with new, filled and sanded the area to make it smooth for painting. 

After the patching was done, I cleaned and painted it with DIY chalk paint.  The paint color is Sea Pearl from Benjamin Moore.  After a bit of distressing, I waxed the whole piece with minwax finishing paste.  I love the finish wax gives, and in the past 2 years I have not had to reapply the wax yet.

I'm all about saving the wood if possible, but my veneer repair just made it impossible.  I love the piece, it provides valuable storage and I love decorating it for the holidays and parties.