Things have been busy, but aren't they always?  I've gotten so much done I need to share on the blog, projects and recipes but before we get to any of that, lets just catch up.  

End of the summer means plant sales!  My mom and I went and filled a wagon for $30, and by 'filled a wagon'  I actually mean we stacked several layers in the wagon, and then I threw some hanging basket ferns on top.  I think they are a great addition to the front of the house!

My most recent mission in life has been to master the perfect espresso shot.  I'll never be rich enough to dole out money daily for Starbucks, so I've taken upon myself to perfect lattes at home.  I'm pretty darn close to having it down.

I'm not sure if there is anything better than realizing you have a gift card with far more on it than expected.  I spent some $$ at hobby lobby, not all the fabrics are for the same quilt but they certainly look lovely together.

The garden is starting to kick into full gear,  Beans and zucchini are starting to roll in, I'm just waiting on the tomatoes, eggplant and pepper to really take off.  The tomato plants are literally so large their cages can't contain them, now if only they would ripen.

I've taken over the living room painting because it is too darn hot outside,  I can't wait to share this full redo on a Monday Makeover soon!  I can't decide if I want to sell it or keep it for myself.

Catch me up on your life lately, I'd love to hear what is going on!