Makeover Monday | Desk

Sorry for the iPhone photos in this post, but I forgot my good camera when I went to the lake  to drop the desk off and this makeover was too good to wait to share.  For the next few Mondays I have some furniture makeovers to share with you guys.  I'm going to officially kick off this new series with a desk my mom bought for $8 at a garage sale.  

The top two coats of paint starting peeling off the top of the desk, it was pretty bad.  We used a putty knife and started peeling away.  

Then the third white layer starting coming off in some spots, and we were left with the only option of stripping the whole darn desk to get a good finish.  Which is when we discovered the fourth layer of paint which was this terrible burnt red color.  Should we also note the paint splatters shown by the arrow?  This desk at one point had that 80s splatter thing going on.  Pain in the butt to sand and scrape all of that off, it was on all the drawers too.  I have a love/hate relationship with paint stripper.  I love the way it bubbles up and how effective it is, but I hate the detail work it requires toward the end.  And the smell, I hate the smell.

We painted it a very light blue and added glass knobs.  All in all I think it was worth all the work it took.  This desk had countless layers of paint that I never care to encounter again.  

It fits perfectly in their space at the lake and I'm glad we have another piece done.  On another note, I finally found the pictures from one of the very first pieces I made over a few years ago and I can't wait to share it next makeover Monday.