One of my goals for the year was to get my last prerequisite class done for school done, and as a reward I would get to paint the room I study, blog, sew, basically live in.  Well I finished my class end of  March and I wanted to get the room painted before my classes resumed in May.  When we moved in, the room was this brown shade, which was ok, but what was driving me crazy was the sloppy paint job.   The color under the brown was this periwinkle blue that they slopped all over the trim and ceiling.  Then the only painted one coat of the brown and the periwinkle was peaking through all of the walls.  Terrible I tell you. 

We approached this room the same was we have the past few we painted.  We paint the ceiling first, then the trim and doors (deglosser, primer, and 3 coats of paint) and finally two coats of paint on the walls.  The fresh white on the trim and ceiling makes so very happy, and takes some serious time to get done.

On the walls we used: Benjamin Moore's Moonshine in their Regal Select line of paint in an eggshell finish.

Ok, if we are being honest this paint is not cheap, but Paul gets an AMAZING discount on it.  Friends in the near area feel free to use us for his discount.  This paint is very thick, will take 2 coats, and you will use more than the can says but it is so worth it.  The finish is fantastic, and we have had zero flashing issues which I was concerned about since we are not pro painters.  The only downside is that is it just low VOC and not zero VOC paint.

For the trim we used our usual Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 in base 1 no pigment added so it is just pure white.

It is a zero VOC paint which is nice.  It takes almost a full month to fully cure, but when it does it has such a nice hard finish.

What paint colors do you gravitate towards?  I'm all about the light, bright and neutral or blue tones in our home.