Friday Five, er Six

1.  Yesterday was my last day of "freedom" as I liked to call it.  May 1st officially marks the start of school for me, which is a post-baccalaureate teacher preparation program in science (grades 5-12).  Long freaking title if you ask me, but I'm ready to finally get started.  This past month of not having classes to get done was amazing,  I accomplished so much around the house and I'm excited to share it all on the blog.

 2.  I've been thinking lately about my etsy shop, I've had the desire for a long time to have a secondary shop to sell baby blankets and a few other kids related items.  Currently my shop sells earrings and clutches often catering to brides for their bridal party, which I love


the wedding industry, while quite large, is competitive and trends are always changing.  Keeping up to date with the trends is not something I enjoy these days.  I see new trends and love them and think "I wish I did that", but I love what my wedding was, sure there were a few things I would have changed but all in all I don't want to wish away what I had.  Am I making sense? Let's hope so.  So basically I am thinking about having a massive clearance sale, then spending some time sewing what I love and restocking my shop and doing some re-branding.


 The phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" really resonates with me.  Often I look around and feel like I have too many interests, which isn't a bad thing really, but I'd really like to master a few things.  I'd love to master quilting, cooking, and gardening.  I'm also really enjoying building things, mastering woodworking would be costly because you know, all the tools, so I'll just let my Parents buy them for now and I'll borrow them.

4.  I completed my first building project, that I 100% built and designed on my own.  Except for the part where I had to call Paul to verify how to work the air compressor, but he didn't technically build anything so it still counts.  I built window boxes!  I have planned a tutorial on the boxes, I just need to get them stained, installed and have some plants in them so it might still be a few weeks, but these bad boys are really going to up our curb appeal.

5.  I got to meet my friends little baby girl this week!  He daughter was in the NICU for about two weeks with breathing issues, she is healthy now so I went over and got some snuggle time in.  She is an adorable little girl who was the recipient of the above blanket.  Cats and kids are the way to my heart.  

Bonus, #6! So, what is a Friday


without my cat?  She goes through phases of where she likes to lounge and recently she has taken to her bed again.  Oh and that paw, so sassy.   As I type this post she is curled up between my legs with the sassy paw draped over my leg.  It is a happy spot for both of us. 

Any trades you would like to master?  Does your pet do the sassy paw? Know what else tugs at my heart? When dogs cross their paws in front of them like a lady, it gets me every time.