Canister Love

I love a good clear glass canister,  In particular I love them when they are in a bathroom filled with cotton balls and q-tips.  I'm planning to incorporate them into our shelf styling in our downstairs bath, so I did a bit of browsing online and I came up with a few options at a wide range of price points.

The first canisters are from World Market,  the small one runs $7.99 and the larger $9.99.  I love the texture on them but finding them both in stock at the same time, yeah right.  I own a few World Market items and they quality is so-so, very hit or miss.

Next up are theCrate & Barrel canisters.  They are significantly more expensive, but of much higher quality according to reviewers.  The small one runs $16.95 and the medium one runs $19.95, if you dare want the large one it will cost you a hefty $29.99.  You could buy the whole set for $59.95, but I'm not digging the soap in a canister look. 

This CB2 canister only comes in one size, but has a nice price tag of $9.99.  That handle on top is begging for me to accidentally break it and it is a little small size wise.

These Nate Berkus canisters

at Target are affordable at $7.99 & $9.99 and are a descent size.  (At the time I was shopping they were not available online, but they are both online now).

Spoiler, I ended up choosing the Crate & Barrel canisters, the small and medium size.  They are classic and timeless and really great quality, definitely worth every penny.  Oh, and I had a gift card so win win.  We've had the bathroom basically done for quite some time now, just putting on the finishing touches - I am basically waiting on printer ink to come in the mail so I can finish styling the shelves.  Oh and photographing a room that is quite small and gets zero natural light, not easy. 

P.S.  right now at 2:14 AM as I edit this the World Market canisters are BOTH IN STOCK.  This is the first time I am witnessing this.  Would you judge me if I bought them?  I have another bathroom that needs a reno, and a craft room full of things that need stored properly.  must resist... RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.  Also if you know what that is from we can be friends.  I should just end this post here before things get weirder.