Bath update: IV

It has been awhile since I updated the bath progress, but here is what I have scratched off the to do list since last time.  I feel like we are in the home stretch really. 

Here is where we left off last time.

And here we are now

We built floating shelves to replace the closed cabinet that was there originally.  We adjusted the dimensions but we followed

this tutorial

from Katie Bower at Bower Power.  We struggled to find good not warped wood, so we opted out of mitering the corners like Katie did but I think it looks nice either way.  We also installed a mirror and hand towel bar (not shown),  Paul and my dad laminated the counter top, Paul installed the sink and faucet and my dad built us new doors which I am in the process of painting and will be installed within the week.  I have photos of each step along the way, but since this was the first time doing most of these projects I won't claim to be any sort of expert and give you a tutorial.  Instead I'll comment on how much the toilet is starting to stick out since it is not white and the sink is.  Every time we go to Lowe's or Home Depot Paul asks if I want to look at toilets... what a gentleman.  While I am not going to do any sort of tutorial on the process of any of those projects, I do have thoughts on them, challenges we faced or other random thoughts. I'll be posting in the next few days, because well they are long and I don't think you want to read a book right now.  But check back soon if you want to hear my thoughts!  

What is left to be done?

finish building the counter and fix it in place

clean the grout again and seal it

install sink

install faucet

get a mirror, towel bar, tp holder & hand towl bar

Install all of the above

build and install floating shelves above toilet 

 build and install the rolling shelf in the vanity

build, paint

and install the doors

finishing touches art etc. 

final paint touch-ups

I'll leave this post off in a happy place.  A good before & progress photo. 

So progress for real right?!  My goal was to just lighten things up visually in the bathroom, before it just felt so heavy and cramped.  There was just so much orange oak wood, bleh just not my thing.  I was worried that the chunky shelves would be too much in a small space, but oh I just love them, once I get them styled I think they will be


Let me know if you like what we have done in the space so far!  Or if you don't like it, I'll listen to that too.