Wedding Quilt IV

Long time no see eh?  I've hit a moderate rut.   Mentally, physically, emotionally, and creatively winter has hit me hard.  These days I've been getting pretty jealous of my cat... s

he gets to nap in the sun all day with fabric, I'd like to join.  The truth is I haven't had time to do many things that I want to do other than coursework, let alone sit down and sew.  I'm very much looking forward to the day when I can, which is hopefully soon.  After all I have another baby shower in March.

So today I'm sharing the very last wedding quilt my mom and I sewed this past summer.  T

his one was the most modern of the quilts we sewed, as well as the most gender neutral.

We followed the City Shops pattern in the City Quilts book by Cherri House.  We added a few rows and a column to make the quilt larger, we were sewing queen sized quilts for gifts.  You can buy the book for the pattern here *.  We mixed up the colors a bit from the original pattern adding some purple, brown, and lighter blues.  The recipient of the final wedding quilt of the summer was Kelly from Keeping up with the Moyers and her Husband. 

Here are all four quilts we made this summer, so tell me which is your favorite?  I love them all, but if you were holding my cat hostage until I told you my absolute favorite......... I would have to chose the upper left which went to the beautiful Emily and her husband Victor who blogs over at Minimal Millennial.    It was the first one we sewed, and we experimented with a quilt as you go technique, but those 30s and 40s fabric we used seriously stole my heart, plus the abundance of white... I just want one myself.

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