Kitchen Upgrades

On the list of things I want to buy and do in our house over the next year, a new stove wasn't on the list.  Doing anything in the kitchen at all wasn't on the list, we bought a new refrigerator over the summer so we could stop borrowing my parent's fridge, and that was enough money spent in that room for awhile.  But hey, what good are my plans.   Our stove broke the night before Valentine's Day.  I was in the middle of cooking my favorite sweet potato fries, and bam the oven quit working.  It was a cheap craigslist buy, one of the burners didn't work as well as the clock and timer.  Additionally it was covered in grease when we bought it and I could never get it fully clean, but for the time being it worked.  Part of me though was a little excited that it broke, and part of me was not looking forward to dumping out the cash for a new one.  We could have looked at getting it fixed (the control panel is what went out), but we would have spent more money fixing it then what we paid to buy it.  Plus, we have a separate savings just for house & car repairs, so it is not like we were spending money we didn't have, we have money put aside for this specific reason.  I realize the new stove does not look that much different, we bought another basic freestanding range, but when it come to usages it is


 I mean, I finally have a timer on the range, a working clock, and it is a convection oven.  Basically I'm now spoiled.  Plus I like that all of our appliances are now stainless, it feels more cohesive, finally.

So, now that we have that purchased I am getting the itch to begin tweaking the kitchen... I'm thinking we are about a year out from actually making any big changes in here but I've definitely started planning and totally can't make up my mind.