For some reason I hate making New Year's resolutions, I've never really been the type to do it.  I am however an avid goal making to-do list kind of girl .  Resolutions are so definite to me - if I screw up my resolution I feel like it is the end of the world.  


Goals though, if I don't meet them by my deadline I don't feel bad, I just feel more driven to get it done.  Goal setting for me is just far more effective than having resolutions.  I know, I am weird.  I just for some reason don't see resolutions and goals as the same thing.  So I made goals for the new year in a few areas of life - home (the largest goal list by far), financial, and personal (this is a catch all for things for goals that are specific to me not involving Paul).  

Home Goals

1.  Insulate the crawlspace, possibly moisture barrier it

2.  Fix the drainage issues with the gutters and replace any sections that need it

3.  Fix the sloping back patio

4.  Finish the stairs!  Taking the paint off, sealing, new runner etc.

5.  Finish the downstairs bathroom, finally

6.  Paint the craft room  / office space

7.  Install new flooring in the current master

8.  Paint the current master - trim and walls

Financial Goals

1.  Pay off car

2.  Continue adding monthly to emergency fund

3.  Pay off 2 student loans

Personal Goals

1.  Finish this dumb geology class by Feb. deadline and as a reward, paint craft room!  

2.  Finish ALL classes for school by December 2015 (allowing for student teaching to begin spring 2016)

3.  Take more day trips to visit friends in neighboring states and close cities

I think those goals will keep me mighty busy this year.  I am all for having achievable goals for the year to keep me going.

Are you a resolutions or goals kind of person?