1.  It has been some time since I picked up my calligraphy pen, partially because of  item #2... but I saw Pen and Peplum's 52 week challenge.  A prompt a week seems like something I can handle, hopefully.  The prompt for week 1 is a mantra for 2015, mine is - I'm on my way.  I'm not the person I want to be, or where I want to be yet, but I'm on my way.  

2.  School really is whipping me back into shape.  Right now I am chiseling away at this geology course I have to take.  It is not that it is hard, but I'm not interested and that makes it incredibly challenging.  Once I get through it I can finally start my actual program - secondary education in biology.

3.  I finished another little chenille blanket for a friend's daughter.  She wasn't really specific with the colors, just that they were using purple in the nursery.  So I took the opportunity to make a blanket with more traditional baby colors. I think it turned out super cute.  All of these babies... oh my heart is so ready for a family.  I never want to wish away these years of just Paul and I, but some days I do.

4.  I realize that Christmas is over, but I can't stop wearing this festive sweater.  I won't stop wearing it either.

5.  Paul received a toy helicopter for Christmas from a friend, basically the best gift ever.  I can't stop playing with it either,  and I'm getting good enough that I can chase the cat with it.  I was hoping she would chase it, but you know, the opposite happened.  She sometimes like to watch it, and other times runs in FEAR.  The helicopter is just a blue blur in the photo above, but it clearly has the interest of Paul and the cat.

Anything exciting happen in your life lately? I need something to live vicariously through.


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