Wedding Quilt Two

Our second wedding quilt is finished and delivered! Just a few months late.... You can see our first quilt here.   This time the quilt was for my beautiful friend Andrea who I roomed with for two years in college.  My mom and I chose a very simple pattern using half square triangles.  They are the most versatile quilt block around for a beginner.  We liked a herringbone pattern but by simple turning a few blocks you could have a chevron design. 

Colors were an easy pick on this one, we used coral, mustard and shades of minty blue.  I used a ratio of 60-20-20 for the colors and I think it was perfect.  I wanted the spacing of the colors to be random, and random it was.

Once again I had a hard time giving away this quilt.  The only solace I had is that I knew the recipient is going to love it just as much as me.  We have two more wedding quilts to finish, then it is on to 3-4 baby blankets for the spring!  We literally just found out about another baby being born.

Like our second wedding quilt?  Let me know or just say hi!  Our third quilt is being delivered thursday and I'll share the photos next week!