Thanks Ebay

I had dreams of a nice camera, and honestly I thought it was a bit in the future before I owned one.  Thanks to etsy income, my personal money in the budget and an ebay steal I'm happy to welcome this little treasure to our family.  I scored it for a crazy low price used from a reputable dealer on ebay.

So instead of preparing all of my blog content for the week on Sunday like I normally do, I was playing and reading up on my new toy.  Most of the posts coming your way for the next few weeks won't have pictures from my new camera since I typically work a few weeks in advance for blog posts and I have some learning to do.  I played outside and shot a few of the remaining blooms in our yard.

Excuse me while I go read my manual from cover to cover, and get excited for the better quality pictures coming your way soon.

Have you bought yourself any fancy new toys lately?


Meg GrabnerComment