Vanity out

Some things just are not as easy as they seem they should be.  Removing the bathroom vanity we ran into a slight issue.  The doors and useless piece above came off quite easily.  The useless piece was just held on with a brace that was screwed in place.

If you wonder why I took the useless piece off it is because I have plans to do this in the vanity, and I am going to make new more modern looking doors that are taller.  Also I'll be taking that now pointless crossbar off too.  

Next Paul disconnected the water supply and pvc drain and moved the counter and sink out to the garage.  He is only still so happy looking because he was not yet discovered a slight issue.

So after we moved the counter we were left with this.  

Oh my, along the right edge was a nasty bit of only God knows what with some hair attached,

not my hair though



 is the worst kind of hair, it seriously grosses me out.  If it a friends hair I can deal, Paul's hair ok, My hair, sure,  the person who owned the house before us and I have never met


, I don't like your hair.  I do have a close up photo I resisted posting, I thought it might be over sharing.

Ok but onto the issue at hand.  

Taking the pea trap off, no problem.  But the water shut off valves were soldered on after the vanity was put on place originally, and there was no hole that we could just slide it off through.  It is really not a big problem at all, I'm being dramatic, but we were trying to get it out that evening and we did have a tool to do so.  Paul borrowed a dremel I believe, and the next day I came home to this!

 Sweet victory at last!  All in all an easy project so far, it is just the little things that we don't have tools on hand for that slow us down.  Painting is finished we just need to re install the light so we can get a few photos!


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