The East Side

While I was hard at work in the back of the house and even did some sprucing up in the front, the east side of the house got neglected.  I can tell where there used to be some deliberate landscaping, typically the black landscape fabric makes an appearance, it is half torn up and half pain in my butt.

The definition to the garden bed around the tree just didn't exist, I sprayed out what I wanted the shape to be.  With the slope down I was worried any mulch I would add would get washed away, so in came the rocks. I call them rocks, but maybe I should call them small boulders. 

My parents had some in their landscaping in places they didn't want, so they generously gave them to us.  I want to get some smaller ones still to finish up along the front but at least my mulch stays now! 

Also I planted some astilbe around the tree.  They are doing ok right now, but I'm hoping they are getting enough water being next to the tree.  Quite frankly the middle one looks worse and worse every day, I'm hoping for a vibrant return in the spring.  

Are you getting any fall planting done?


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