Bathroom: Update II

We spend the weekend making some bathroom decisions and getting a few things done.  For starters we finished painting the bathroom!

All the trim, the door and the walls are done, and I am once again on the fence with the color.  I am worried that once the vanity is in and the shower curtain it might be a bit too much color for me.  We shall see... Once the shower curtain is up it will block the bisque colored shower so it won't stick out so much against the white trim, and plans for a white toilet and in place.

One of my biggest worries was fixing the tape tear.  A slightly glossy paint would clearly show any flaws and I was overly concerned, but I think Paul did a damn fine job.  You seriously can't tell on the wall that he did any patching, and the ceiling while not perfect is something I don't think will be noticed once the room is done.

Saturday I finally picked a sink, a counter and a faucet.  All picked.

sink::counter:: faucet (from home depot)

This bathroom has been quite the learning experience.  I think the most important thing I have learned so far is the difference between a laminate counter and a laminate counter sheet.  THIS IS HUGE.  MONUMENTAL PEOPLE.  LEARN THIS, DON'T BE LIKE ME.  When you are searching on big box websites you will see both options,  so know this. -a laminate counter is exactly how it sounds, it is a laminate counter ready to be installed, a laminate counter sheet is a sheet of laminate ready to be installed onto a counter, but it is NOT A  READY TO USE COUNTER.  The sample I like is a laminate counter sheet and I could not settle for a laminate counter that I did not like, so we will be building our counter.

Meanwhile, painting the vanity is happening in the garage.  It is not a purple as it comes across here. It is far darker and more blue.  


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