Bathroom Update

Last time I talked about the bathroom we had just finished the drywall, fixed the ceiling and I had just chosen a shower curtain.  I was debating a counter and hadn't even thought about paint colors.  Here is what the bathroom looked like when we started this project.  Sorry,  the bathroom is so small it is hard to get photos.

And now we are here...

Things get worse before they get better right?  Oh please let it be true.   I can't handle it getting much worse in there.  Here is a quick lowdown - we have patched holes and major tears, over the toilet cabinet is down, the vanity is gone (we have a few more details on that for later), the door is off so we can paint it and the trim and we have started priming the walls and ceiling.  Onto the pretties.

We previously selected our shower curtain, it was on to selecting paint and a counter to keep moving forward.  I decided on Bold Blue for the vanity and Woodlawn Blue for the walls.  The counter is

this one

from home depot.  I have not decided on a mirror, sink, or new faucet yet so that is all to come, but at the end of the week we should be at least done painting the room!  Yay!  I can't wait to be able to put all the little finishing touches on the room.

Also, Paul always complains that I don't use enough color... and well I say this room has enough going on to cover several rooms color quota.


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