Chocolate Caramel Apples

I always wonder, carmel vs caramel.  I always put carmel and I am wrong apparently, that is not a word. Well it is a proper noun, but not a way to say the delicious sugar substance. So if I slip and write it wrong, don't get mad at me.  Also I can't bring myself to say car-a-mel.  Maybe it is a midwest thing I just don't know.  But on to the good stuff - there is a chocolate shop in Fort Wayne that sells chocolate caramel apples that are to die for.  The apple is as big as a baby's head, no joke.  Paul bought me one for my birthday the first year we were dating and I knew I just had to try making one.  They are super easy to make, and ever time fall rolls around and the Michigan apples are in the store it is caramel chocolate apple time!


4 medium large apples

1 11.5oz bag chocolate (I prefer milk chocolate)

1 bag caramel (bits or wrapped candies)

nuts for garnishing - optional

1.  De-stem your apples and stick a craft stick or cake pop stick in the center  (while I think the stripey straws are really cute, don't do it, not my best plan.  If you want cute sticks you could always dress craft sticks up with washi tape)

2.  Some apples have a shiny wax on them, and the caramel will stick better if the wax is removed, I always do this step just to be safe.  Bring 6 cups of water + 1/4 teaspoon white vinegar to a boil.  Dip the apples in the mixture for 4 seconds and dry the apples removing any waxy residue you see.

3.  Over medium heat melt the caramel + 2 tbsp of water, stir frequently.  When the caramel is melted dip and roll the apples or spoon the caramel over the apple - place on a plate covered with wax paper or the plastic side of freezer paper.  Place your apples in the fridge to harden the caramel up a bit.  :: Side note - just buy the caramel bits if you can find them, I found it to be worth the extra money vs the trouble of unwrapping the caramels, mostly because it was easier and far fewer ended up in my mouth ::

4.  In a double boiler heat the  whole bag of chocolate, watch carefully to ensure it does not burn.

5. Dip and roll your apples in the chocolate, if you want to add nuts sprinkle them on now, return to the fridge to harden before cutting and eating!