Countertop Conundrum

We I have a major countertop conundrum.  The Mr. thinks they work just fine, men. I dislike the one in our downstairs bath - pretty harcore hate actually.  It is just so small scale blueish laminate-y (clearly a word).  The thing is not all laminate bothers me, just this one is in both bathrooms and its just not my jam.
So where does that leave a girl?  Dreaming of something new and on a budget I took myself to the internet and browsed the big box stores, found a counter I love, faux marble with an undermount sink with a great facet spread  and only $160.  Freak yes.  Just look at the beauty.
Runs to get tape measure... and my vanity measures at 27 annoying frustrating gosh darn inches.  No way in heck will it fit.  I check for other sizes, which are... either larger at I don't remember what or smaller at 25".  So turns out we don't have a standard size base cabinet.  So I start to brainstorm options and do some shopping.  I really wanted an undermount sink (to increase the usable surface area of the counter) and I wanted a new white sink to slowly switch the house over from the bisque.

So here is the progression of what I found out
  1. I did find a granite vanity top that would fit, but I did not love the color options or the $350 price tag
  2. Talked to the kitchen planner at Home Depot about laminate he said there was minimum of $200 order if we wanted to just get a piece to cut ourselves and $350 to have them cut it to the right specifications, um it is just laminate people, at that cost might as well go with the first option since it even had a sink. 
  3. Could I add a section to the counter to the dream counter make fit? Nope toilet is too close
  4. We could tile our own top with marble  
  5. I could get the $160 sink and maybe have it cut?
  6. Just give up and cry because I can't have what I want
  7. Wood counters are a thing I see, seems cheap
  8. Look at Ardex even though an hour before I did not want to do concrete
  9. At one point I read about a lady who just used contact paper 
  10. Look online at Lowe's and find multiple laminate sheets that I like (are you kidding me Home Depot guy?  totally not $200) check out three options below

left | center | right
So undermount sinks are basically a bad idea if you are using laminate (there are a few companies out there that sell sinks for that purpose but a lot of them say it takes a professional to install them, and well I don't want to spend that money).  I understand that I can't get everything I want, and the undermount sink is just going to be one of those things, but such is life

Any big house projects going on for you?