Burp Cloths - Easy Sewing Project!

My cousin recently had a baby boy, and by recently I mean in the last 6 months.  I'm slightly behind on my blogging.  My mom sewed a quilt for them, and I figured there are only so many baby quilts you need, so I whipped up these DIY burp cloths.  They are super easy to sew for a soon to be Mama in your life!

I bought a 5 pack of the Gerber 6 ply diapers from Target, and I pulled fabric from my stash.  If you are buying fabrics, fat quarters are great for this project.

1.  To start make sure you pre-wash both your fabric and the diapers, these diapers shrink quite a bit so best to get the shrinkage done before, so after when you wash there is no crazy shrinkage discrepancies.  

2.  Make yourself a template out of thick card stock or a cereal box.  I wanted mine to measure 4 3/4" across, and the length didn't matter really, I just slid my card stock down and kept ironing.

3.  Cut your fabric to be 5 3/4" wide and long enough to go the length of the diaper and then some.  If you are using fat quarters you have plenty, and if you cut a it from standard width fabric just leave it as is if you can handle some extra fabric for a bit or simple cut the length in half.

4.  I start by putting the template on the center of the fabric and iron the edges over, I like using a starch spray to make the edges extra crisp.

5.  Then on one end I fold it over about an inch and iron.  Lift up that fold, fold over the corners and iron, then refold the original inch section and you are left with some nice corners.  You can cut that flap down a bit if you please.

6.  Now I take that piece and lay it on the diaper where it should go, I then look at the end we have left to fold over and using my fingernail I make a deep crease where I would like the fold to go.

7.  Once I have determined where the fold will be for the end, simple add about an inch and cut.  I always eyeball.  You already have the length measurement from you fingernail crease so it does not matter how much extra fabric you have to fold over.

8.  Repeat step 5 on the end you must marked.

9.  Now you should have a nice rectangle of fabric with all the edges folded over, give it a good press with the iron and maybe some extra starch.  I'm a big fan of the starch while I am sewing.  Crisp seams make me happy.

10.  Lay it in place on your diaper, and pin the edges.

11.  Finally top stitch all the way around and you are done!

Now if you are like me after you have completed all the burp cloths, pretend they are penalty flags while watching football with your husband.  I actually wanted to watch the game because, well, who doesn't want to yell "Flag on the play!" and throw a fake flag.  I'll admit things get a little strange around our house.    

Let me know if you give them a sew, or if you have any questions or need clarification.  I'd like to start writing more sewing tutorials, but I want to make sure they are something you guys are interested in.  

P.S. I made this image for you perfect for pinning!