A little bathroom inspiration

I have no fear of color, I just really dig neutrals.  If I had my way this whole house would be tone on tone grays, tans, and white with gold and crystal galore with textured fabrics that would make your heart soar.  OH right I have to consider Paul.  He always tells me "pick a color!"  So for our shoestring bathroom redo, I will pick a color good sir, navy it is (in my mind navy blue is a neutral, I mean you wear basically every color with your jeans right?)
My inspiration for this bathroom all started with this shower curtain from Crate and Barrel.  I wanted something floral, but didn't want something too girly.  I thought this would work pretty well and there is color.  Oh yes, and we have a C&B giftcard. Win win.  Win.
I started browsing my pinterest bathroom board to for some more inspiration and I found this image I had pinned awhile back.  

 It sparked in me the idea of a dark blue vanity, so I did more searching for blue vanities and I found this image. Drool.  You can check out the whole bathroom reno that Nicole from the House Diaries did here! 

I realize I will come nowhere close to her redo since well  a whole lot of our fixtures are staying.  For instance, the floor tile is staying, so is the bisque, toilet and shower.  Not my dream situation, but the money to change it all is just not happening right now.  
The terrible over the toilet cabinet is going, we will be getting a new mirror (I think), and a new faucet.  A possible new countertop and sink?  I've also got a plan to make the vanity more functional, I hope.  
We still have to choose all of the paint colors for the walls and do the painting (including the trim and ceiling... thanks giant tape tear) We have really just begun this project, and there are more posts than you can image coming your way about our downstairs bathroom.  Who knew I could talk to much about a bathroom?  Paul does.
Do you have any major projects going on, or non major ones that seem to never end?