weekend recap

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my good friend Emily from

Minimal Millenial

!  It was a wonderful wedding.  Most people like to see the bride and her father walk in, but I much prefer seeing the look on the groom's face.  Plus my Mr. got his dance on and I enjoyed the show.  

That quilt above, my Mom and I made for her and her husband as their wedding gift.  I love it so much I really did not want to give it away, sorry Em.  I want it all for me.  So much so that my Mom is using the left over fabric and making another similar quilt for my bed at their someday lake house.  The quilt is based on the impromptu quilt pattern found


.  Mom winged the design because she is good like that, we typically don't ever buy patterns.  We used a quilt as you go method,  just in case you wanted to know.   

Also, Did I mention I made her cake and cupcakes?  And it was Mother's day week so that meant 200+ cakes I had to make at work.  What a BUSY week. But 100% worth it.  I love creating for friends, may that be cakes, clutches, or wedding invitations, it brings me so much joy.  

There were snickerdoodle, chocolate filled with caramel, lemon and cherry chip cupcakes and a pink funfetti 3 tier cake.  I am pretty sure before the night was over the bride's dad have over 5 cupcakes... I saw him eat 5 so who knows how many he had in the end... and that folks is why you always order for more cupcakes than you have guests.  Now when I have extra cupcakes I know where to take them.  

This past weekend was filled with less fun things like mulch, and more mulch.