I believe in... cakes from scratch

Do you remember your first?  The first blog you fell in love with?  I do,

Rinse Repeat

.  Bethany has the most magical way with words, and her photos are beyond dreamy.  I would come home from class everyday and be so excited to sip coffee and read her blog (she is currently away from her blog, but fingers crossed she comes back!).  She had a series on her blog titled  

i believe in mondays...

  and I loved it. She would rattle off so many little and big things she felt strongly about.  I believe in so many things,




things.  So, I am taking my own little spin on the series, and adopting it over here.  For my first ever

i believe in... 

i believe in... cakes from scratch

There is just an undeniable amount of love that is poured into a cake made from scratch.  I remember the first one I made, it was Paul's 20th birthday and I was home for the weekend and I made him a plain white cake filled with strawberry jam and topped with  chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberries, all from scratch and beyond delicious.  I was hooked.  I felt that the hours I spent in the kitchen proved my love,

maybe even proved my worthiness to be his wife.  

It brings me undeniable joy when someone bites into my cake for the very first time and are blown away.  I have come a ways since that first cake from scratch, but every year on his birthday Paul asks for the same white cake.  I try and have a new spin on it every year just so I don't get bored.

I have the absolute joy of getting to make Emily over at

Minimal Millennial

's wedding cake this week!  I am pumped and can't wait to get back into the kitchen baking!  Owning and running a bakery has never been a dream of mine, but I just


getting to do a few cakes a year for family and friends.