Lack of curb appeal...

Somehow the only before photo I have of our house is this listing photo... whoops.  Blogger fail.  I hope we can move past that.  So lets just dive in with what is so unappealing here.  Let us color code this conversation, eh?
These bushes seriously don't match in size.  The left one is pretty skinny and the right one is crazy fat.  I am working on trimming them up and getting them to match, but I am no bush pro.  I debated keeping these in their location, considered moving the right one to the other side of the garage, but just some pruning them up is all they are getting for now.  They help frame out the house.  
This bush had to go.  For one it literally is growing over the garage opening.  And secondly it had some nasty thorns.  A second bush on the other side of the garage that matches also went.  
Bushes gone!  And the Mr. looks pretty excited about it all...
Some new plants and fresh mulch has this side of the garage looking much better to me!
As for the other side, my mom bought me a hydrangea.  It looks so small now, but I know it will fill out and grow a ton, so I didn't want to have it scrunched up against the house eventually.  
By the time we moved in the boxwood to the left of the door was pretty dead.  He was not looking hot, much worse than the listing photo. So, out he came. 
Some fresh mulch and two temporary chairs look a bit better.  Don't mind the dead patches of grass.
 What potential! Is literally what I thought when I saw that empty bed on the inside of the sidewalk.  Ripping out some landscape fabric, weeding, plants and mulch took us to this point.  I know it looks wimpy now, but I am hoping soon all my flowers will fill in.  
So, all in all the outside is looking more like this.  For now.
Not too bad considering it looked like this a month ago... ok the papers weren't on the door but you get the idea. 
What curb appeal projects have you been tackling? 
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