My decorating theory

Filling up a home with on trend "stuff" is easy.  But filling a home with with


that I love, that takes time.    My design theory for this new house of ours is simple -  "fill our home with happy, worthy things".  I want to look everywhere in my home, and see little items that trigger memories.  Take this little corner of our house.

- The dresser was my Papa's as a kid (just not in its current gray state... I am planning a fresh bolder coat of paint and some new knobs for that bad boy soon)

- The newspaper clippings were from Paul's Grandpa Ike, originals from WWII

- The typewriter, my Grandpa Dale's (cross my fingers I can get it restored, a mouse or two made a nest inside it for awhile when it was in my grandpa's garage)

- The table by the door was my Mothers, she gave it to me recently.  It was at the lake for the longest time with an old TV on it that didn't work... its makes me feel like I have a part of the lake at home with me

- The plant came out of a gift that was sent after my Grandpa Dale passed away

  If I had a second decorating theory, it would be that "paint can fix everything"  but more on that later.  I completed a huge project last year that I should really get around to sharing.

What is your design theory?  Do you fill your home with little things to trigger memories?

p.s. don't mind the still not finished paint job on the trim around the door... I'll get there.