A fresh coat

People always say the fastest & cheapest way to change the way a room feels and looks is a gallon (or two) of paint.  And, we finally finished painting the first room in our house!  I have not had to pick a paint color for something this big in a long time, and I felt very overwhelmed.  Oh my goodness, the CHOICES.

  I didn't hate the color the living room was, but we had no clue what that color was and the walls needed touched up pretty bad, so I took the opportunity to brighten up the place! So have you been on pinterest, ever?  If so you certainly have seen revere pewter by Benjamin Moore.  If you don't think you have, you have.  Trust me.  It is a stunner of a color, well take a gander at the lighter on that swatch and you will find edgecomb gray.  It was a winner in my book.  It is a very light creamy, green undertone gray.  Neutral and will brighten up a room.  


  I have plans to paint the dining room and kitchen Revere Pewter, slightly darker but complementary.

and for a little new on top of old...

It is such a huge difference, and it is so refreshing!

Painted anything lately?  Do tell!  What is your go to paint color?