Double Up!

I had the joy of baking cupcakes this past weekend for a bridal shower being thrown by Emily over at

Minimal Millennial

, and  in addition to tasting good I clearly needed them to look cute!  I bought adorable cupcake liners and wanted them to stay that way.  When I first started baking I found myself disappointed after baking and seeing my liners looking not so great.  The colors faded and just didn't pop as well after being baked, and don't even think about chocolate cupcakes the brown just makes the liners look pitiful.   It is funny how simple the solution was, double up!  Using two liners I hid the one that faded and was left with  the cute patterned one the outside still that popped!  Such a simple solution. 

I used two of the pink polka dot liner, but to save money you could use a plain white liner as the inner liner and the typically more pricey patterned one on the outside.  Just make sure your inner liner is slightly smaller so the outer fits well over it.  You can bake your cupcakes in both, or just slip the 2nd on after baking.  

Have you been baking lately?  Make anything worth sharing?